Denver is where the cheeseburger was invented.  There’s even a monument in the Highlands to this claim.

We’re all about “fast casual” so that we can get back out and enjoy the outdoors as soon as possible.  Chipotle, Larkburger, Noodles, Quiznos, Smashburger and Garbanzo all started here in Denver.  The original Chipotle location was just renovated and you can visit it at 1644 E. Evans Avenue.

For wacky restaurants/bars you can’t beat the kitschy Casa Bonita and Forest Room 5.  Historical hangouts like My Brother’s Bar, the Brown Palace and the Buckhorn Exchange will take you back in time.  Futurists might check out The Inventing Room to discover the wonders of liquid nitrogen interacting with food.

Denver is a big beer town where micro-breweries abound alongside distilleries and the old granddaddy in Golden-The Coors Brewery.  Every year Denver plays host to the massive Great American Beer Festival.

Watch for future listings on unusual food and drink experiences you can partake in.

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